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$75.00 Add to cart 1 - iTUSA Correction Methodology
$150.00 Add to cart 2 - iTUSA Correction Videos
$150.00 Add to cart 3 - iTUSA Training Drills
$250.00 Add to cart 4 - iTUSA Slow Motion Stroke Analysis and Training Sessions
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$100.00 Add to cart 5 - Tennis Physiology
$100.00 Add to cart 6 - iTUSA Speed and Accuracy Development Software
$150.00 Add to cart 7 - Introduction to the Use of Video
$150.00 Add to cart 8 - Hard Court vs. Clay Court Training Methods
$150.00 Add to cart 9 - iTUSA Match Analysis
$200.00 Add to cart a10 - The iTUSA Mental System - Power of the Mind
Click to toggle CN 教练员培训 -1级
$75.00 Add to cart CN01 - 网球基本技术
$150.00 Add to cart CN02 - 网球基本技术视频分析
$150.00 Add to cart CN03 - 网球训练视频
$250.00 Add to cart CN04 - 网球视频慢动作分析
Click to toggle CN 教练员培训 -2级
$100.00 Add to cart CN05 - 网球运动生理学
$100.00 Add to cart CN06 - 网球击球速度和准确性分析
$150.00 Add to cart CN07 - 网球视频技术
$150.00 Add to cart CN08 - 网球硬地和沙地击球技术
$150.00 Add to cart CN09 - 网球比赛数据分析
$200.00 Add to cart CN10 - 网球运动心理学
Click to toggle Entrenamiento de Entrenadores - Nivel 1
$75.00 Add to cart ESP1 – Metodología de Corrección iTUSA
$150.00 Add to cart ESP2 – Vídeos de Corrección iTUSA
$150.00 Add to cart ESP3 – Ejercicios de Entrenamiento iTUSA
$250.00 Add to cart ESP4 – Análisis de Golpes a Cámara Lenta y Sesiones de Entrenamiento iTUSA
Click to toggle Entrenamiento de Entrenadores - Nivel 2
$100.00 Add to cart ESP5 – Fisiología del Tenis
$100.00 Add to cart ESP6 – Software de Desarrollo de Precisión y Velocidad iTUSA
$150.00 Add to cart ESP7 – Introducción al Uso del Vídeo
$150.00 Add to cart ESP8 – Métodos de Entrenamiento en Pista Dura vs. Pista de Tierra
$150.00 Add to cart ESP9 – Análisis de Partidos iTUSA
$200.00 Add to cart ESPa10 – El Sistema Mental iTUSA – El Poder de la Mente
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01 Nov 2016 is the easiest url to remember to return to this LMS site.

01 Nov 2016

At the bottom of each lesson, you'll see buttons which allow you to navigate through the lesson.  One of the buttons is a "back" button which will let you move back a slide at a time.  It is advisable to NOT use this button once you've reached the quiz section of the lesson.  Doing so may result in the lesson freezing.  The only way to fix this situation if it occurs is to contact the system administrator at, and wait for your progress to be reset.  This could take as long as 24 hours.  Thank you!

01 Nov 2016
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